Thursday, October 16, 2008


Separated I was from my life,
Cursed to be ‘the silence’,
Unknown to the world of known
When I saw you, the sunlight.

In you I saw the red of the dawn,
The colour of life.
You stretched your arms like the rising sun;
Made the rose out of the bud I was.
You came closer, I found the joy in me;
The new playful morning of my life.

You taught me to open my eyes
And see this colourful world;
The world of love, the world of light,
The world of ‘you’.

I smiled, I danced
Full of life you put in me.
I stretched myself to you, trying,
Trying to hold your hand, hold you;
And to say to you, that you are my life,
You are my love.

Suddenly, u look away
As if I was dead, the forgotten.
Off you go like Cinderella after the dance,
The sun of my life into the horizon;
Leaving me as lonely as before
With the darkness of the night.

You thought that I would cry,
You thought that I would be forsaken;
But my friend is here with the milky moon light
Which promises to be with me the entire night;
And he says that you will be back, as lively as ever.
Till then I will be waiting for you…