Friday, July 10, 2009

How can i forgive...

I walked down a lane;
a lonely soul in pain.
you appeared at a distance
totally wet in the rain.

I stood and watched your cheerful smile
soaking in the rain for quite a while,
you asked me to join in as we danced in the rain
for a moment i found even i had a smile..

Now we turned friends so fast
i always wished that it would last
as the world around you went afar
i stayed with you as the time passed.

It was then, i realised my love for you
even you saw it in my eyes too
i accepted the fact you never loved me
but always stayed a close friend to you.

And now it is in your eyes i see
no place for a friend in your heart for me
i see a new world build around u
and you have almost forgotten me.

I cried and cried for days forlorn
you used me when your world was gone
i know you never really meant it this way
but still i feel my heart is torn.

And its raining again today
trying to wash my tears away
whatever you did to me i can't forgive
but i will always love you just the same way...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little high!!

Its a crazy thing i see
street lights dancing along wid me
my foot steps falling faster than ever
i am enjoying every moment like i'd never..

its mah best friend whose one of a kind
watever mischief i do, he wud just neva mind
today we drank on our friendship so great
which will neva end, like no sunset.

what am i talkin i don't understand
am i walking on some wonderland?
i am soo fukin happy that i drank today
i m missing her more than just any other day.

girl why r ya not wid me right now??
i love u so much, and i dont know how..
i know i hurt u some days ago
but girl i neva meant it, nd it hurt me more

i know i am pretty high at the moment
but its all i can say before i faint
i dont know why i drank this rainy evening
maybe to rememba u or just to get me smiling..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

At the dark beach

The wind is blowing
as if its following
my restless spirit;
The roar i hear
brings up the fear
of the silent death beneath.

Lonely, i am at this crowded beach
death is just at my arms reach
is it the gateway to heaven?
I am at peace
with the the cool wet breeze
it's a dark night, as the clock strikes eleven.

Mesmerised me,
wants to be free
but this painful body holds me tight;
Finally a drizzle wets my face
taking me away from this human race,
god! please dont end this dark eternal night.

Monday, May 18, 2009

When i was a boy..

when i was a 10 year old kid...i once wrote something..which i did'nt feel was of any importance.
but i never thaught that this work of mine will someday actually define the concept of human life as a whole.i just found it from a dusty old cupboard and felt like sharing...

When i was a boy
i ran with joy.

When i was a man 
i was like superman.

When i was old
 i felt cold.

And when i died
everybody cried. 

these may just be 8 lines of kiddish rhyme for some...but digging down deep...i dont think any explanation is required...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neva wanna lose you..

It is some deep pain
that dwells within me
a feeling of insecurity.

a sense of loss around me
makes me curious,
am i going to lose something precious?

friends we've been
for quite long
but now i hear a soulless song.

the song we once
made for our friendship
while in the liquor we took a dip.

drunk and stoned
we walked side by side
and into the darkness our sadness hide.

is it you
or someone else i see?
trembling feet walking away from me.

but still i say
hold my words true
my dear friend! i Neva wanna lose you..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At your grave...

I breathe the air you once exhaled
I drink the water that dropped off your eyes
I live in the shadow your hair once cast
and feel the joy of our days in the past.  

your eyes as blue as the seas down deep
lips as red as the blood in me
the pale face that glowed brighter than gems
fairer than the pearls can be

now i breathe out the air u exhaled
and tears drop off MY eyes
here u lay where my shadow rests
our love will always rise.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Give me the answer!!!!!

i m soo lost in the dark sky
no stars to guide my way
did someone steal them from me?
or did they go astray?

earlier in the day i saw a white light
which tried to bring happiness into my life
but where is it now, who took it away?
will it be dark even the next day?

but before it was lost i had thrown a question
the question i had always wanted to ask.
will u be here with me all day long?
will u hold my hand till the end of the song?

but it remained as silent as hell could be
i stared in its eyes till i fainted 
and now as i wake up, its all darkness and me.
i am  trapped in this darkness when will i be free?