Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neva wanna lose you..

It is some deep pain
that dwells within me
a feeling of insecurity.

a sense of loss around me
makes me curious,
am i going to lose something precious?

friends we've been
for quite long
but now i hear a soulless song.

the song we once
made for our friendship
while in the liquor we took a dip.

drunk and stoned
we walked side by side
and into the darkness our sadness hide.

is it you
or someone else i see?
trembling feet walking away from me.

but still i say
hold my words true
my dear friend! i Neva wanna lose you..


Kabbo said...

*wonderful* frnds are always beside you....they might look ..that they are far..or drifting away...but its not...let life'll have your frnds beside you in time!!!!!!

silent within said...

thank u...FRIEND!!

Tan said...

ya..agree wid aks..u wnt lose ne friends buds..