Monday, February 22, 2010

Its just a word!!

I am in this deep hole of mindlessness
my legs try to struggle through the corpses of my mistakes
its been a long time I don’t really remember
but a single word is all it takes...

I don’t really remember the last word I said
when life turned its back on a worthless creep
my eyes are fixed at the visions of the past
my bloodless heart screams down deep

out of fear I scream my guts out
I wish someone could just hear me out
still thinking what that word was
if I knew i'd shout out loud

the more I think it pulls me deeper
the strong stench of dead morals makes me high
I look ahead at the small opening
and say to myself...its worth givin a try..
lost in the dictionary of memories
I turn the pages one after the other
"sex", "drugs", "alcohol"..and a whole lota words
all seemed to surround me, and bind me together

finaly theres a glimpse !!
but appears pale and grey
'love' is the word
which has lost its meaning today!