Monday, April 20, 2009

Give me the answer!!!!!

i m soo lost in the dark sky
no stars to guide my way
did someone steal them from me?
or did they go astray?

earlier in the day i saw a white light
which tried to bring happiness into my life
but where is it now, who took it away?
will it be dark even the next day?

but before it was lost i had thrown a question
the question i had always wanted to ask.
will u be here with me all day long?
will u hold my hand till the end of the song?

but it remained as silent as hell could be
i stared in its eyes till i fainted 
and now as i wake up, its all darkness and me.
i am  trapped in this darkness when will i be free?


Akash said...

*silence..and a sigh* Kudos...good work...

Tan said...

hmmmm....darkness is the safest place..dont try to break free..embrace it...