Tuesday, June 2, 2009

At the dark beach

The wind is blowing
as if its following
my restless spirit;
The roar i hear
brings up the fear
of the silent death beneath.

Lonely, i am at this crowded beach
death is just at my arms reach
is it the gateway to heaven?
I am at peace
with the the cool wet breeze
it's a dark night, as the clock strikes eleven.

Mesmerised me,
wants to be free
but this painful body holds me tight;
Finally a drizzle wets my face
taking me away from this human race,
god! please dont end this dark eternal night.


Kabya said...

*sigh* theres no word left over...i'm out of it....your expression is so vaguely vivid...a wonderful post!!!!

silent within said...

@kabya- well..it came out when i recently met the sea god..