Friday, July 10, 2009

How can i forgive...

I walked down a lane;
a lonely soul in pain.
you appeared at a distance
totally wet in the rain.

I stood and watched your cheerful smile
soaking in the rain for quite a while,
you asked me to join in as we danced in the rain
for a moment i found even i had a smile..

Now we turned friends so fast
i always wished that it would last
as the world around you went afar
i stayed with you as the time passed.

It was then, i realised my love for you
even you saw it in my eyes too
i accepted the fact you never loved me
but always stayed a close friend to you.

And now it is in your eyes i see
no place for a friend in your heart for me
i see a new world build around u
and you have almost forgotten me.

I cried and cried for days forlorn
you used me when your world was gone
i know you never really meant it this way
but still i feel my heart is torn.

And its raining again today
trying to wash my tears away
whatever you did to me i can't forgive
but i will always love you just the same way...