Monday, May 18, 2009

When i was a boy..

when i was a 10 year old kid...i once wrote something..which i did'nt feel was of any importance.
but i never thaught that this work of mine will someday actually define the concept of human life as a whole.i just found it from a dusty old cupboard and felt like sharing...

When i was a boy
i ran with joy.

When i was a man 
i was like superman.

When i was old
 i felt cold.

And when i died
everybody cried. 

these may just be 8 lines of kiddish rhyme for some...but digging down deep...i dont think any explanation is required...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neva wanna lose you..

It is some deep pain
that dwells within me
a feeling of insecurity.

a sense of loss around me
makes me curious,
am i going to lose something precious?

friends we've been
for quite long
but now i hear a soulless song.

the song we once
made for our friendship
while in the liquor we took a dip.

drunk and stoned
we walked side by side
and into the darkness our sadness hide.

is it you
or someone else i see?
trembling feet walking away from me.

but still i say
hold my words true
my dear friend! i Neva wanna lose you..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At your grave...

I breathe the air you once exhaled
I drink the water that dropped off your eyes
I live in the shadow your hair once cast
and feel the joy of our days in the past.  

your eyes as blue as the seas down deep
lips as red as the blood in me
the pale face that glowed brighter than gems
fairer than the pearls can be

now i breathe out the air u exhaled
and tears drop off MY eyes
here u lay where my shadow rests
our love will always rise.