Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little high!!

Its a crazy thing i see
street lights dancing along wid me
my foot steps falling faster than ever
i am enjoying every moment like i'd never..

its mah best friend whose one of a kind
watever mischief i do, he wud just neva mind
today we drank on our friendship so great
which will neva end, like no sunset.

what am i talkin i don't understand
am i walking on some wonderland?
i am soo fukin happy that i drank today
i m missing her more than just any other day.

girl why r ya not wid me right now??
i love u so much, and i dont know how..
i know i hurt u some days ago
but girl i neva meant it, nd it hurt me more

i know i am pretty high at the moment
but its all i can say before i faint
i dont know why i drank this rainy evening
maybe to rememba u or just to get me smiling..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

At the dark beach

The wind is blowing
as if its following
my restless spirit;
The roar i hear
brings up the fear
of the silent death beneath.

Lonely, i am at this crowded beach
death is just at my arms reach
is it the gateway to heaven?
I am at peace
with the the cool wet breeze
it's a dark night, as the clock strikes eleven.

Mesmerised me,
wants to be free
but this painful body holds me tight;
Finally a drizzle wets my face
taking me away from this human race,
god! please dont end this dark eternal night.