Thursday, May 13, 2010

My sexy babe!!

while the tune plays in my head
it reminds me of u
my heart skips a beat
coz my love for u is true.

whenever i am lonely
u make me feel better
my touch makes u moan
we spend a gud time together

your body so smooth
that ur beauty stands out in the crowd
u stare silent as i plug into u
just a pinch makes u scream out loud...

together we make a great pair
as our actions find their way
the world can just stand and stare
while ve make out till the end of the day

you hav always stood by me
grabbing my shoulders as I cried
together we shared moments of joy
while our sorrows cud go and hide

you my babe are my love of all
the one who will neva betray
ure the one I can always trust
my sexy guitar, lets play!!!

1 comment:

Shane said...

I like the concept... prose into poetry. The twist of the prose into the poetry. Sexual innuendos no doubt, but very smooth reading and implicative language used. Shane.