Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter and I

It's winter again, I open my eyes;
Trees covered with snow.
The last thing I remember was a moonlit night and the stars had put up a show.

I remember this window where I stood still;
Thinking about you walking down a hill.
A lovely white robe and glowing hair;
Under the moonlight you looked so fair.

And here I stand with my arms wide open;
Looking at your eyes as they come closer.
Every little step and my heart skips a beat;
I've been waiting for you forever.

Where are the stars? 
Oh where is the moon? 
Where is the hill?
and where are you?

Yes its winter and there is snow;
Yet another year when I miss you so.
The sheets are not that warm anymore;
It wasn't time but you had to go.

Aging thoughts fading away,
Lying in a coffin I saw you that day.
Countless winters, summers and rain;
I await my turn to see you again.

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